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harlesden cuckoo.

Welcome, I am a British black mixed race multimedia artist, writer, musician and performer. Raised in Harlesden by a Spanish mother and a father from Barbados, I am currently completing an MA by Project at The London Met School of Art, Architecture and Design. My forthcoming film 'Witch Finder Phenomenal' is a hauntological enquiry into my own identity with the aim  to produce an autoethnographic short multimedia fantasy horror. I am also exploring how other marginalised identities inform themselves within western society. I posit that society’s need for patriarchal logic, order and absolute obedience in all areas from schools to government, produce growing pain spectres that perpetually haunt to disempower subjects who do not fit within normative realms. The Othered subject threatens the natural order by appearing to exist, as if supernaturally, out of place and time. Thereby, the subject identified as Other experiences dissociative fugue under the impact of society’s role as witch-finder. My creative practice is led by my phenomenological experiences of growing up in 70s/80s Harlesden and existing within a racist, abusive white privileged culture for almost five decades. I embarked on an auto-methodological approach which point to themes, signifiers and serendipitous occurrences that occur in my inner and outer worlds. So that I can externalise the internalised and haunt back the society that has haunted me and thwarted my identity as it formed. Re-searching role models for empowering relatedness, I realised I could metaphysically and archaically identify with the power of the witch. I conceptualised the invisible illness witch comic and white privilege doll video as a satirical and empowering way to make the invisible visible. My third female symbol of empowerment will be unveiled in my film. By creating representational stories that place the disempowered in empowering positions, I hope to invoke the promise of a trauma healed which can be utilised for queerly empowered resistances.  Script Teasers coming on Podcast soon...

It's not that I lost my mind, it's more that I kept finding it...



Coming soon 'MARE' short film about a troubled 11 year old mixed race girl Aurora who finds herself while hunting witches. Based on my experiences with racism and identity while growing up in Harlesden in the 80s. Trouble with Angels soundtrack available on iTunes and Amazon.

 'She Devils' music video and single which is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Careful what you wish for there are rebels listening...

Music video for my song Black Rain filmed in 1 take. I resurrected my mixed race queer burleque performance as 'Dyke Marilyn'. The myth of the illusion of the white idol of femininity was a darkly comic role where I transformed from my mixed race self into the Queer bastard child of Monroe & Hendrix. 

How To Summon She Devils is a bonkers experimental comic-noir short I shot with Gozra Lozano with zero budget on a Sunday in July 2017. It follows a mortal woman Rosa (Maria Rosamojo) who summons up she devils Marie Laveau (Solaris Ade & Lilith 'Whore of Babylon' (Deanne Lulalee) while grieving her murdered daughter (Orion Ade). Also known as 'Woman Gives Birth To Snake'.

'Touched' music video portrays how nature, magic, hopelessness and dark humour can work as a creatrix energiser in the healing process. Follow me on twitter, instagram and subscribe to my website for free MP3

cuckoo, cuckoo.

Story Tantalisers Coming Soon...


opus fae songs.

Choose an egg and click on its link for good luck and a song from the faeries



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