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Skulduggery Music Vid @ 'Queer Art Now' Fringe Film & Arts Festival 2022

Welcome to 75 Queer Artist's Under One Roof! Thrilled to be one of them representing Black Queer Artists! One of the songs 'Skulduggery' (from my film Witch Finder Phenomenal) is showing at the 'Queer Art Now' Exhibition @ Space Station 65, 373 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT.

Yemaya the Black Caribbean Mermaid sings Skulduggery through the mirror as the troubled mixed race Aurora and her Fairy Horse Mother watch enthralled. But will her song of vengeance strike a positive chord? After Yemaya sings her song, her real story continues, a trauma she find hard to remember...

Yemaya Sings A Song of Skulduggery

My friend Dacia fearfully holding my film promo mwahaha!

The opening night for Queer Art Now was crazy busy and packed full of amazing queer talent and people! You can check it out all out until Oct 8th 2022. I've also got some sensory felt laminated prints of 'Occupy the space that allows you to breathe freely' which features characters from Witch Finder Phenomenal. I am proud to say these lowbrow film promos available to purchase relatively cheaply at the gallery as they are gloriously bonkers. I created them with the notion of art that you can share, sense, feel and touch, they also have my own magic mojo blessing imbued to hopefully pass on the creatrix magic. I am neurodivergent and the fact that they feel soft but portray an eerie sense of a cure for trauma enlightens and physically thrills me...a hope made tangible.

Hanging with the stars of Witch Fider Phenomenal Ella & Maisy Stewart-Holland

Witch Finder Phenomenal Acts 1&2 debuted last year at The Fringe! Queer Film Festival in 2021, and I am so blessed that they provided me with a platform to show my work. They also have a packed programme with some incredible queer films this year so do check out the 2022' lot here

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