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harlesden cuckoo.

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Maria Rosamojo is a British mixed-race queer female writer, film creatrix, musician, and performer of dual Spanish and Barbados heritage. Currently studying MA by Project in Art & Design at The Cass, London Met Uni.



As a mixed race queer performance artist I used to perform as 'Dyke Marilyn'. The myth of the illusion of the white idol of femininity was a darkly comic role where I transformed from my mixed race self into the Queer bastard child of Monroe & Hendrix. I explored race and women's identity politics, the aspect of slavery as subservience through patriarchal forms of psychiatry and how channelling illusions as performative characters challenges mythical ideals as being 'disposable identities'. I have written and performed as this character since winning a competition at The Black Cap where the comedy drag queen legend 'Regina Fong' judged my act as 'comedy genius. Since then I have been in numerous documentary films and performed at events such as Gay Icon's at The National Portrait Gallery, Club Wotever, RVT, Hackney Empire, The British Museum, The Queer Story Telling Festival, Black History Month, Foyles Bookshop, Homotopia and Hilda's College at Oxford Universtity

I created this music video for my 'She Devils' single which is now on iTunes and Amazon. I edited some of the footage from 'How to Summon She Devils' and shot new footage for the Dryad performance.

I'm currently writing a book/screenplay Harlesden Cuckoo based on the racism I experienced growing up in Harlesden in the 70's/80s as a mixed raced kid of a Spanish mother and Bajan father. I will be counteracting fact with fantasy counteracting to describe the dissociative issues that came into play which were heightened to produce paranormal experiences. The cuckoo symbolism and the fractious nature of it is first shown in my short film How to Summon She Devils. The film here is another music video of mine called 'Touched' which portrays how nature, magic and dark humour can work as a creatrix energiser in the healing process.

cuckoo, cuckoo.

Story Tantalisers Coming Soon...



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