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witch finder phenomenal.

"I am the witch finder phenomenal. Are you resisting comfortably? Yes? No? Occupy the space that allows you to breathe freely."

It's not that I lost my mind, it's more that I kept finding it...



Witch Finder Phenomenal is a hauntological darkly comic fantasy based on 'Outsider Artist' Maria Rosamojo's autoethnographic memoirs of her real  lived  experiences of growing up mixed race and queer in 1980's Harlesden and beyond. The Witch Finder Phenomenal narrates the story from the past, present, and future, to reveal how traumatised 12-year-old protagonist Aurora Mojo, played by Maisy Stewart-Holland,  attempts to free herself from a nightmare world of racism, abuse, and dissociation. While the white privileged hell witch Bealzebette, played by Ella Stewart-Holland, torments and tries to silence her, Aurora finds solace in a Fairy Horse Mother who introduces her to a  world of rebellious witches from myth and history who sing her their tales. During the making of her MA by Project Film in Lockdown 202o, Maria Rosamojo extensively researched how and why spectres perpetually recur in society to haunt Othered subject's who are marked out for their colour, disability, gender and/or sexuality. She filmed herself performing as the witches, recorded songs, edited  film, created digital art, and wrote her Masters Thesis in a small shared living room, while also zoom filming and directing  the actors via zoom.  In 2021, a battle weary but emboldened Rosamojo, believes that by making the invisible visible through film symbolism, and the unheard heard through her personal narrative, she can finally occupy previously disallowed space by looking through the mirror phenomenally to reclaim her autonomy within the safe space of ancient ancestral witch power. She  also hopes to add her story to a growing wealth of representational narratives, and encourage Othered voices to speak their truth through creatixed and performative acts of queerly empowered resistances. 



The Miss White Privilege Doll because ALL Representations Matter! Created in 2019 as part of my Masters Creative Autoethnography Research for Witch Finder Phenomenal

 'She Devils' music video and single which is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Careful what you wish for there are rebels listening...

Music video for my song Black Rain filmed in 1 take. I resurrected my mixed race queer burleque performance as 'Dyke Marilyn'. The myth of the illusion of the white idol of femininity was a darkly comic role where I transformed from my mixed race self into the Queer bastard child of Monroe & Hendrix. 

How To Summon She Devils is a bonkers experimental comic-noir short I shot with Gozra Lozano with zero budget on a Sunday in July 2017. It follows a mortal woman Rosa (Maria Rosamojo) who summons up she devils Marie Laveau (Solaris Ade & Lilith 'Whore of Babylon' (Deanne Lulalee) while grieving her murdered daughter (Orion Ade). Also known as 'Woman Gives Birth To Snake'.

'Touched' music video portrays how nature, magic, hopelessness and dark humour can work as a creatrix energiser in the healing process. Follow me on twitter, instagram and subscribe to my website for free MP3

cuckoo, cuckoo.

Story Tantalisers Coming Soon...

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opus fae songs.

Choose an egg and click on its link for good luck and a song from the faeries

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